AA Visiting school Banyalbufar

Learning from water
26 August - 3 September2023

This Visiting School wass organized in collaboration with Kosmos Architects, Isla Architects, Blanca Gardelegui and Guillem Aloy, and will focus on the theme of water and its relationship to urban and landscape ecologies in the Balearic Islands. Workshop will take place in Banyalbufar, Mallorca.

Photo: Luís Díaz Díaz

Hydrotechnology and architecture for urban and landscape ecologies

Banyalbufar is a small village surrounded by the Tramuntana mountain range, a UNESCO World Heritage site; due to the climate change, it is often suffering from severe droughts. As water is one of the most valuable resources required to support life, and will only become more precious in the future, we believe that architects have a responsibility to address this issue and its local and global implications.

Banyalbufar was inhabited and cultivated by the Moors in the 10th century, who created more than 2,000 terraces on the slopes of the mountains and developed a complex irrigation system using aqueducts, part of which is still in operation today. Through a series of workshops, we will explore the architectural, infrastructural and urban heritage of Banyalbufar, will research the architectural and engineering tools that help saving and purifying the water and will create design propositions that respond to the problem of water scarcity.

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