Escol.leta - Llubí, Mallorca

April 2017

Project: Escol.leta in Llubí
Authors: Fanny Aellen, Marta Colón, Juan Palencia
Status: Competition

Competition for a kindergarten in Llubí, Mallorca
The project aims to solve the proposed program with a clean and simple structure. A recognisable shed structure to host the covered program of the kindergarten, a fold in the facade as a waiting area for parents, a cross shaped corridor to organise the interior layout in different ages and uses, and a big garden that keeps the existing orange trees with an island of kid program in the middle.

101_Llubi_DR_001_Planta general.jpg
101_Llubi_DR_003_Diagramas horizontal.jpg
101_Llubi_DR_002_Sección Alzado.jpg
101_Llubi_CI_001_Set imagenes 01.jpg
101_Llubi_CI_001_Set imagenes 01.jpg