Boirós - Palma, Mallorca

June 2017

Project: Intervention in a patio in Palma
Authors: Marta Colón, Blanca García Gardelegui, Juan Palencia
Status: Competition - Honourable mention

Insólit 2017
Water has always played an important part of in the Mediterranean architecture. Its use in buildings and courtyards (patios) as an important element of design can be traced back throughout History: Arabs, Romans, Greeks, even Mesopotamian culture. In the early XX century however the industrialization of public water grids brought a change in the ability to control supply and demand of water, making cisterns and other systems of rainwater storage redundant. Still, many of the cisterns and wells remain hidden or repurposed within the buildings we inhabit, a fading memento of the old days.

Our intervention wants to re-emphasize the presence and importance of water in these spaces, to rediscover the traditional experience of water. We want to put a water nebulizer ring that will generate an artificial cloud of moisture allowing the audience to feel the water in their own skin. We will cover this ring with an aluminum girth, polished and gleaming. This girth will reflect the patio walls on its surface and envelop the cloud of vapor which, enhancing the intensity of the experience.