Blau - Palma, Mallorca

June 2017

Project: Intervention in a patio in Palma
Authors: Marta Colón, Blanca García Gardelegui, Juan Palencia
Status: Competition

Insólit 2017
The proposal aims to emphasize the space defined but the cut between the sky and the patio of Can Bordils. The installation is minimal and respectful with the building, and alters our perception of the architecture through the interaction between the blue light and the geometry of the space.

The perception of the courtyard’s spatial elements - columns, archives, vaults and staircases - will be heightened by the introduction of the colour blue. It will create an abstract atmosphere between the space and its geometry. Under this light materials become homogeneous and uniform allowing the public to perceive a new vision, bringing the focus on elements out of the ordinary.

Three elements are needed for this operation:
Covering the patio sky with a thin tensed blue plastic film
Putting a blue PVC curtain at the entrance of the patio to filter the light coming from the street. This will also create a visual call in the street corner between l'Almudaina and Can Anglada streets.